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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register through the Internet?
YES, you can do so thru our web sitewww.samarathon.org .

Will there be registration on race day? The last day of registration for the marathon and half marathon is Saturday, Nov. 10 at the EXPO from 9am to 6pm. There will be race day registration for the 5K Run & 5K Walk. The Kids Klassic Run will take place on Saturday, Nov.10th. For details on packet pickup and race day registration, return to our home page and see details under Roger Soler Kids Klassic Run. For details on packet pickup and race registration for all events, return to the S.A.M. home page.

What kind of temperature can we expect on race day?
The average temperature in early November is a temperate 62F. We have had starts as cold as 32 degrees but generally it is not that cold.

Where do I pick up my chip? Marathon and half marathon runners' chips will be issued at packet pickup on November 10th at the EXPO/Late Registration.

If I want to use my own chip, who do I tell? You should report your chip number at the Registration/Packet Pickup if you did not report it on your entry form.

What if I lose my chip by the morning of the race? You will have the opportunity to get a replacement at the 5K Run/Walk Race Day registration station before 6:40 am. Go to the Information tent in the vicinity of the Start Line in Alamo Plaza adjacent to the ALAMO.

Can I switch race numbers with someone? No. You must report such a change at the Registration/Packet Pickup station.

What will be the course Sports Drink? Gatorade is the sports drink. H-E-B bottled water will be available at the finish area. The information brochure in your race packet identifies course locations.

What kind of sport drink will be available along the race course? Gatorade sports drink will be available at all water stations except mile 1. HammerGel will be available at the last table at water stations starting at mile 8.

How many water stations are on the course? There will be 18 water stations with 7 stations serving twice (outbound & inbound). Each station has port-o-potties.

Will massages be available for marathon finishers? Yes, as in past years, masseurs will be available for marathon finishers. Just ask volunteers at the finish chute for directions to the massage station. Donations are welcomed.

How many marathon runners do you expect? We expect over 1200 marathon, over 1600 half marathoner and over 600 5K Run/Walk participants on race day.

Can I use my time in the San Antonio Marathon to qualify for the Boston Marathon? Yes the course is certified and is a Boston qualifier. Many runners run our marathon to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

When will confirmation of entries be posted? Confirmation for entries is posted on our web site www.samarathon.org starting September 11. Updates will be posted weekly after September 11th.

When does the course close?
The Marathon course is open for 6 hours from 7:00 a.m. and to 1:00 pm. This equates to a running pace of 13.44 minutes. If you are on the course after closure at 1pm beware of traffic and be prepared to carry your own fluids. After 1:00 p.m., runners will be required to move off the streets and run at their own risk. Half Marathon runners will also have until 1:00 p.m. to finish.

Minimum Pace Chart and Course Closing Schedule below:

MILE ELAPSED TIME CLOCK TIME 1 13:51 7:14 AM 2 27:42 7:28 AM 3 41:33 7:42 AM 4 55:24 7:55 AM 5 1:09:15 8:09 AM 6 1:23:06 8:23 AM 7 1:36:57 8:37 AM 8 1:50:48 8:51 AM 9 2:04:39 9:05 AM 10 2:18:30 9:19 AM 11 2:32:21 9:32 AM 12 2:46:12 9:46 AM 13 3:00:03 10:00 AM 14 3:13:54 10:14 AM 15 3:27:45 10:28 AM 16 3:41:36 10:42 AM 17 3:55:27 10:55 AM 18 4:09:18 11:09 AM 19 4:23:09 11:23 AM 20 4:37:00 11:37 AM 21 4:50:51 11:51 AM 22 5:04:42 12:05 PM 23 5:18:33 12:19 PM 24 5:32:24 12:32 PM 25 5:46:15 12:46 PM 26 6:00:06 1:00 PM

Will transportation be provided from the host hotels to the EXPO/Packet Pickup, START at Alamo Plaza and the FINISH inside the Alamodome?
No! The Best Western Suites--Sunset Station, Holiday Inn Express Suites, Red Roof Inn (Downtown), Holiday Inn Historic Crockett and Historic Menger hotels are within walking distance to the EXPO/Packet Pickup at the Convention Center, the Start at Alamo Plaza and the Finish at the Alamodome.

Is the marathon "walker friendly" and friendly to slower runners? This marathon is friendly to all runners. Police protection is available from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Participants choosing to start before the official time of 7 a.m. or remain on the course after the official closing time will do so at their own risk and must obey police directions to stay off the street. Walkers choosing to start early at 5 am or at 6 am must provide their selected time to the Registration Director at packet pickup . As registered participants, finishers will be entitled to a Finishers T-shirt, a medallion finishers' time will be recorded as "official".

Where can friends and family watch at the finish area? Seating will be available inside the Alamodome and concessions will be available for purchase of drinks and snacks. Spectator parking is available at Alamodome parking lot C. Entrance is through Cherry Street which will be accessible from Commerce and Durango Streets. Normal parking fees apply.

Friends and family can cheer for you at the Start Line on Alamo Plaza and along the course route at locations of their choice. Course maps are available by clicking on the event of interest on our home page then click on course map. Maps are in PDF format and can be downloaded.

Can you please confirm the criteria for the Bexar County Open division prize? The following process will be used in making these two awards based on the no duplication of awards rule: (1) If the 1 st Bexar county finisher is 1 st , 2 nd or 3 rd overall, he or she will be awarded the open marathon award and the next Bexar county finisher will be awarded the Bexar prize. (2) Bexar county winners will be excluded from winning an age group category trophy. (3) Unofficial announcement of money winners will be made at a media awards ceremony. Checks will be issued 3-4 weeks later after validation of results and residency. (4)Students who attend college out of Bexar County whose official residence remains in Bexar County and provide proof of residency and enrollment may be considered eligible as determined by the Race Director. (5) All efforts will be made to be consistent in the determination of money award winners within the no duplication of awards rule.

Is there a drop-off point at the start for my belongings? Yes, participants may turn their belongings at the truck with a yellow flashing light in the Start area. Runners can pick up their belongings at a location within the finish area. All items not picked up by the end of the day will be donated to charity.

What are the age group and money awards? The money and age group awards are found under the respective race pages on our web site. All kids who complete the kids race will receive finisher awards.

When will the award money be available for winners? We will make unofficial announcement of money winners at the Finish line stage as results are confirmed. Checks will be issued 3-4 weeks later to allow for official verification of results.

When will age group awards be presented? Age groups awards will be available at a designated location within the Finish area. Awards will be available as age group awards winners are validated. 5K awards winners can pick up their awards after 9:30 a.m. Half marathon awards winners can pick up their awards after 10:30 am. Marathon awards can pick up their awards starting at approximately 11:30. Award recipients must wear or present their race bib number at the time of award pickup.

What constitutes a Clydesdale? The Clydesdale division is based on a combination of age and weight. The specifics are shown in the marathon section of our web site.

When will Clydesdale National Championship awards be presented? (Not applicable this year-2007)

What are the distances from the host hotels to the Start & Finish lines? All venues are within walking distance to the EXPO/Packet Pickup, the Start Line at the ALAMO and Finish Line inside the Alamodome. Click Venues Map at homepage for relative locations of venues. Go to Google maps and seek for Market & Bowie streets intersection, then use venues map to find venue of interest.

How do I get from Start Line to the Alamodome & parking lot? From Start line walk on Alamo Street opposite the direction runners start to Commerce Street. Make left turn on Commerce and continue under US281 to Hoefgen then turn right to Alamodome.

Where can I find the course map and elevation profile? The entire course is essentially flat except for a few dips in and out of river trails and a single short climb at about mile 12.4.

Is it permissible to run in any of the races with a headset and Walkman or MP3 player? How about baby joggers? We discourage use of headphones and other similar devices that can interfere with hearing instructions, sirens, etc., that may be necessary along the course. Baby joggers are also discouraged.

Where can I find race results? Race results will be posted at our web site www.samarathon.org by the late evening on race day. Usually, the San Antonio Express-News publishes results on the day after race day.

Where can I find my race photos? The San Antonio Marathon web site will have a link to our official photographer Sports Photo.

Can I get a refund if I can't make the race after I register? Marathons typically have a no refund policy. Rare exceptions will be handled individually by contacting the race director through the contacts link on our web site.

Can I pick my race packet and chip at the Start Line? Race packets and chip must be picked up at EXPO/Late Registration so our data base can be confirmed for use on race day. You may have a running friend pick up your packet & chip provided you provide written permission and the person making the pickup present a valid I.D. The letter must include your name, address, phone number, age, sex, date of birth and event.

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